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​Having trouble with one of the followings?

Trainining Camps

International Tournaments

✅ No idea where to start.

✅ Want to know the pros and cons of different countries. 

✅ Want to do international exchanges outside of football.

✅ Want to lower the costs as much as possible.

✅ I want to make my own schedule, not one agent makes.

✅ My tour agent has limited tour destinations and contents.

✅ My tour agent is slow in responding and moving forward.

✅ Want to play against stronger opponents.

✅ Never played against CL, El, J-League club teams

✅ Want to play against teams from more different countries

✅ Want to play more than 1 match per day. 

✅ Opponents are not serious enough in training matches

✅ Can't find tournaments that can cover local expenses.

More than 200 tournaments

  • With our list of more than 200 tournaments worldwide, we will suggest to you which tournament is suitable for your team.   

  • Besides local league matches, international tournaments with trophies are the only opportunity for teams to play with their 100%.

  • For traveling teams, this is the place where your team can develop better than by playing low-intensity matches.                                               

Various tournament format

What type of tournament are you looking for?

  • The participating teams are from many different countries.

  • Regardless of match results, a certain number of matches are guaranteed.

  • Small tournament but all the teams are  at the same level.

  • Tournaments cover all or some of the local expenses.                                                                        

Our experience of 80 teams

  • No sports tour is perfect.

  • We honestly tell all of our positive and negative experiences from our past tours so we can make your tour as better as possible.

  • We work together to make your original tour, not copy and paste of a previous tour.                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

  No more agents in between

  • ​Have you had an agent who works between another agent and you and takes a fee for doing nothing?  We negotiate directly with airlines, hotels, buses, tournaments, and match opponents so we can have speedy communication and lower prices for you.

  • Our staff and tour manager for your team during the stay speak English as well.                                                                                   


"It was an unbelievable experience for players. The standard in Japan for young players is very high."
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