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Club Lafresa

This is an online community where specialists in sports are invited to share their knowledge and experiences and the club members can learn from them.

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Club Benefit

Free Webinar

​Free participation in webinars of guests from all over the world. English interpreter is available.


Dutch player development documents (more than 60 pages) by Ad Derken.


Free access to the past webinars anytime online.


Worldwide network of sports coaches and professionals.



A former Ajax academy coach who was in charge of U13 with such players as Donny van de Beek, Mazraoui and Bergwijn. Eddie also played a role as an Academy Consultant and promoted "Ajax Method" to amateur clubs.  


First female head coach in Japanese top leagues (J1~3 and JFL). Mila speaks about her experiences in Japan, Japanese football and difference between Japan and Spain in player development 


Mark van Lith

Current U8 coach ay Ajax. Specialist in building Game Models and Periodizations. Mark Previously worked in New York and helped players move toNY City FC and top university football programs. 


Beto Gonzales

UAE U16 National Team Head Coach. UEFA Pro License & Instructor, AFC Instructor Topic:What is happening in UAE to be the top of Asian Football. ​


Ludo Pollers

Specialist in Sports Psychology.

Ludo studied in Master programs in Physical education and Psychology and currently works with various pro clubs, players, federations and Olympic Committees. 


Ad was an coach instructor at KNVB for 33 years and had courses domestically and internationally including 4 visits to Japan.


Maarten Stekelenburg

Former Dutch National Team coach under Koeman and de Boer.

Head Coach of U17,18,19

Head Coach of Ajax U16,17

Head Coach of Ajax Cape Twon.


Director, Sales & Service at UCLA. As an UCLA graduate, Evan specialized in Ticket Sales for College and Pro Sports in the USA.


It was so beneficial to learn about one of the top modern academy structures of a top European club. I was especially impressed with the criteria they use to recruit their players. I was also happy that the lecturer asked us some question and got us involved.

Not only learning the latest football trends, this program is excellent to listen to English and build a great nextwork with other participants from all over the world. 

I learned the importace of 4 different biological ages and this concept is necessary in Japan as well. It was an eye opener to think player development before team's win and I would like to implement this in my academy too.

A lot information online is nowadays mistranslated or manipulated but learning from a real person directly is so beneficial and live Q&A has a great value in this delital age.

I was reminded that all coaches look at, in order of, program, coaches and lastly players. We need to protect our players and find solution within ourselves first. Do not blame on your players.

This is a great opportunity to expand your knowledge outside of, for example,  your local FA courses. Club LaFresa is a perfect program for this.

I am still a beginner coach and learned so much form Club Lafresa. We coaches not only coach on the field but the relationship with parents is considered also very important.

Everything from the lecturers is very convincing to me and something I can use from tomorrow on the training pitch.

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